Help us help you stay safe!


We are not currently requiring attendees to show proof of vaccination; however, we strongly encourage everyone planning to attend to get vaccinated or tested for COVID before attending. If a person has not received both COVID-19 vaccine doses or tested negative 48 hours before the event, we recommend that that they wear a mask. The Delta variant is highly contagious, even among the fully vaccinated. We are asking anyone who is not feeling well to not attend.


We ask that all attendees regardless of their vaccination status show respect to others by wearing a mask when in close proximity to others and in locations with poor air circulation such as porta potties. Masks will be provided during check in and day of registration. You do not need to wear a mask during the race.

Social distancing

We encourage social distancing of 3-6 feet before and after the race. During the corral portion before the start of each event, we will utilize the space provided to space each other out and allow optimal distance between runners and groups.

To give space for further social distancing, we will limit and spread out our exhibitors; create more space for attendees gathering in groups in fenced off areas for activities like check in, food vendors, finishing chute, beer garden.  

Hygiene and sanitation

We will have hand sanitizer dispensers (over a dozen) at the event this year and will be sanitizing surfaces touched by the public and any shared space during the event. Disposable plastic cups will be provided in the adult beverage garden. We also recommend fist bumps over high fives and handshakes this year.

Contract tracing

We are collecting emails with all registrations and again with the required liability waiver and may use those emails to reach out to attendees about any possible COVID outbreaks that might be traced back to our event.


Leading up to the event, we will continue building awareness of our COVID policies through social media posts, updating information on our website, and email communications to our exhibitors and event partners. We will also be covering our COVID policies with staff and volunteers before the event.

We will also be posting over two dozen signs around the event encouraging social distancing, mask wearing, and proper hygiene.

Change in WA State COVID-19 Guidance/Requirements

If state guidance or requirements change before our event, we will implement whatever additional precautions are required to make our event happen safely, including requiring vaccination or negative test proof, mask wearing, additional attendance restrictions, or other measures. We run several social media pages, maintain an email list, and have all emails of ticket purchasers and volunteers to make quickly communicating any such changes possible.